Scott O11: 50c Oil Industry with FAKE O.H.M.S. overprint, Superb Reference Copy

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  • 50c Oil Wells with FAKE O.H.M.S. overprint
  • This overprinted O.H.M.S. leaves no indent in paper (originals leave "embossed" impression from high compression printing press)
  • This overprint is surface printed-only using low compression (like you get with a laser printer)
  • Overprint is Flat Black and not Gloss Black (another laser-printed feature)
  • Also the O.H.M.S. seems to "soak through" the paper where the original leaves a raised impression
  • This stamp is ideal to use as a companion guide when buying more expensive OHMS (or even G) overprints
  • Current Unitrade catalog value for VF-NH is $60.00

 Inspect the scans. Thanks for your interest. Any questions please ask.