Want List Services

We want to hear from you!

We love to talk about stamps. But we love to fill the holes in your collection even more. If you have any questions about the stamps we sell or need to inquire about stamps you don't see -- please send us a note. We answer all of them as promptly as possible.

Want List Services

If you don't see, just ask! Chances are we can acquire it for you and if not it will be added to our ever growing WANT LIST SERVICE. It is interesting to see that so many collectors have so many interests but they all have something that eludes them. We are active buyers and when we acquire new items, the first thing we do is check our Want Lists before offering it online. So, if you want to be an INSIDER, be sure to send us your want list.

Committed to helping collectors acquire "holes" for the holes in their perfin collections.

If you have any questions concerning "Want List Services" please contact Patrick Durbano directly. He can be reached at 416-407-2422 or anytime by email at DurbanoStamps@gmail.com. 

Interested in sending us your WANT LIST? Please contact us now.